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Founder, Head Trainer

Ed is the Founder and Head of Performance & Programming at CFPT. Ed is a former Hong Kong international rugby player, but chose to follow a career in fitness after seeing the benefits of sound strength and conditioning principles, which helped him recover from some major injuries during his playing career. He has always had a natural desire to spread health and fitness, and through the informal coaching of his friends and family, his vision became clear. It was to help others fulfill their lives through fitness.

Ed has always had a drive for exploration and deeper understanding – whatever the topic may be. Since entering the fitness industry, Ed has committed to a journey of personal enrichment by surrounding himself with industry experts world wide. He has completed the Poliquin Level 1 and 2 Strength and Conditioning certifications, and his currently building on his coaching portfolio through the completion of the OPEX level 1 certification. He has also completed a mentorship programme with Eoin Lacey from the Irish Strength institute, and has attended a number of workshops and private seminars, including Olympic Lifting specialists Chad Vaughn, Donny Shankle, Kirksman Teo and Cheryl Haworth, and Gymnastic icons Dave Durante and Ido Portal. Whilst he has had an opportunity to learn from some of the best, Ed still has a burning desire to further his understanding of fitness through assessment, testing, research, programming and more.