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Welcome Erica to the CFPT Team!

We are very happy to welcome Erica Brandelius to the operations team at CFPT!



Erica brings with her a wealth of experiance from the fitess industry and we hope you will join us in making her feel at home at Coastal Fitness.

To find more about her, read on:

Where are you originally from, tell us about your background

-I am originally from a small town in Washington called Sequim. It’s a little retirement town, only 4km long and it rains less than 75 cm a year. I can actually see Canada from my bedroom window!

I’ve always loved working with children, and was drawn to Latin America at a young age. I love the culture, food, cruisey lifestyle and the people. When I was 15 I moved to Mexico for a summer and worked at an orphanage. I fell in love and made a commitment to myself to travel every year through university. Since then I’ve volunteered at various orphanages and children homes throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. I’ve worked as a translator with Doctors without Borders and Cure International too! I’ve actually been to more countries than I have states!

I studied psychology in university then took a gap year in Australia to figure out what direction I would go in grad school. Haven’t made it back to finish my masters but found my passion for health and fitness a long the way!

How long have you been doing “Fitness”?

I found crossfit on accident actually! I had just moved to Canberra, Australia and googled the closest gym. When I showed up I was surprised to see it was crossfit instead. I had been wanting to try it out back in the states but was too shy to try, so I gave it a go! Back in Australia I went more for social reasons, whenever it fit into my schedule, and never on days that had heaps of running, burpees, or anything overhead. Fast forward a year later, July 2015, I was new to San Diego and found an awesome box to train at alongside some incredible athletes. Something clicked and I was committed to showing up, giving my all and being better than the day before. Ever since San Diego I have been in love with crossfit.

I am a true believer that the most growth comes from places of uncomfort; whether that is physically, mentally or spiritually. What I love about crossfit is how much I personally have learned about myself whilst training and how what I have learned in the gym transfers into my daily life. Whether it is pushing through a heavy set or pushing through a dark spot in life, there are always two choices; push through the pain, or give up. Being surrounded by people who choose to put their best self forward every day fuels my passion for training.

Tell us you favourite movie/song
-Favourite movie is a toss up, either Elf or Garden State. As for music, it depends on my mood but any song from Bloc Party usually puts a smile on my face.

How long have you been the fittest girl in america/hong kong
-Ask me in a year 😉

What one message would you send to the CFPT crew
-Come introduce yourself and get your ticket to the Christmas Party!

author: Chris Fulton


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