The Coastal30 classes provide the opportunity for those with time constraints to accomplish their daily training needs in a structured, high-energy, 30 minute group workout.

Getting started:
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About this class

Living in a concrete jungle such as Hong Kong, we realise that life tends to get in the way of things. Sometimes, it’s hard to find time to get a workout in! Our team acknowledges this and, with our coaching experience, have developed a programme that challenges our clients in a progressive manner to become, and sustain, the strongest and fittest version of themselves.

This is accomplished by offering a structured, high-energy group workout, utilising functional body weight movements with light to moderate loads.

What is Coastal 30?

Coastal 30 is an easily accessible and efficient class that allows you to get a full body work out in in just 30 minutes ! The classes provide opportunities for those with time constraints to accomplish their daily training needs in a structured, high-energy, group workout. We incorporate functional body weight movements, at light to moderate loads, at high intensities so you leave feeling energised and challenged.

Coastal 30 aspires to offer a full spectrum workout that is based on the key principles of Strength and Conditioning. Offering an in-site into basic foundations of Strength, Strength Endurance and Aerobic Training. Through various activities and formats our program is purposefully structured and rewarding, clients are able to try something new, challenge themselves and progress at their own pace!

How Coastal30 is Programmed

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday

On these days we build our aerobic capacity.

We are pursuing a balance of fitness, contributing to longevity and health through building an aerobic system.

The ‘WHY’ (Benefits):

  • improves cardiovascular health
  • lowers blood pressure
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • strengthens immune system
  • improves recovery

Tuesday/ Thursday

On these days we develop the building blocks for strength development.  In our pursuit for balanced fitness, strength cannot be taken out of the equation.

The ‘WHY’ (Benefits):

  • Improves bone density
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Builds muscle
  • supports posture and function
  • Improves mental health

How it works

Our classes will always consist of a comprehensive warm-up, before moving into 20-25 minutes of dedicated training time designed to help you simultaneously burn fat, improve cardiovascular output, and build a strong and functional body. All of our workouts are scalable, making them appropriate for all ability levels!

Who is it for?



Monday, Wednesday, Fridays – lunchtime and early evening


30 minutes


Ed Haynes

Managing Director, Head of Health & Performance

Drawing experience from his international rugby career, sporting injuries and his countless certifications, Founder of CFPT …


Ant Haynes

Senior Health & Performance Specialist

 Five-time Crossfit Regionals athlete, ex-international rugby player and passionate coach. Ant thrives on seeing his athletes progress …


Babs Glancy

Health & Performance Specialist

CFPT Crossfit Regionals Team member, ex-international hockey player, lover of the outdoors and Mum to a gorgeous little boy, Babs is …