Functional Gymnastics

Functional Gymnastics

Functional Gymnastics is designed to increase the range of biomotor abilities including strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Functional Gymnastics training utilises simple abilities such as pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and balancing with body weight movement such as push-ups, pull-ups, pistols, levers, sit-ups and much more to develop mastery of ones body.

Functional Gymnastics is split into two levels. Details and prerequisites for these classes is detailed below.

When? Wednesdays at 12:30pm, Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays at 7pm, Sundays at 9am


Level 1

Athletes are looking to strengthen Toes-to-Bar, Strict Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Core Strength & Handstands or achieve their first reps with these skills.
Pre requisites for starting Level 1:
> Hang from the pull-up bar for 20s

Level 2

Athletes are looking to develop Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups, and strengthen Dips, Pull-Ups & Handstand Push Ups. Level 2 Athletes will be breaking down the basics of Ring & Bar Muscle-Ups and increasing their skill level with the Handstand from L1.
Basics from Level 1 will be reinforced at this level.
Pre requisites for starting Level 2:
> Strict, Dead Hang Pull-Ups x 5
> Toes-to-Bar x 5
> 30s “Nose & Toes” Wall Handstand
> 15 Push-Ups
> Parallette L-Sit x 10s

Group class

Focuses on specific skills in a periodised and progressive fashion and is hosted in a fun, community based atmosphere.


Wednesday, 12:30pm (Level 1)

Thursday, 7pm (Level 2)

Friday, 7pm (Level 1)

Sunday, 9am (Level 1)


60 minutes


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