Our Fundamentals process is created to give you the opportunity to learn the basics of loaded movement so you can confidently move into our S&C group classes. Safe and progressive training is our main priority, and so our Fundamentals programme allows prospective members the chance to learn many of the philosophies we prescribe in a relaxed, personalised manner to ensure a great platform to kick start your training with CFPT.  


About this class

The Fundamentals programme is mandatory for any individual looking to join the S&C programme who has not completed a similar programme elsewhere or whom our coaches feel require further knowledge and understanding to ensure they can safely enjoy our Group Classes.

How does it work?

The process begins with a free assessment with one of our coaches to identify any structural or movement limitations, and ensure that you are in a position to start the fundamentals programme. After completing the assessment, you may start the fundamentals programme. During this time you will gain an understanding of how to execute  and why we use functional movements such as the deadlift, squat, pressing and basic gymnastics. You will learn all the key fitness terms and be given the background about how and why we train the way we do.

If our coach feels that more work is required before entering group classes, the trainer  will discuss with you what is required in order to graduate. We think it is extremely important for our members to be educated on our methods so that they can learn, understand and enjoy the ‘journey’ of their athletic development.


Ed Haynes

Managing Director, Head of Health & Performance

Drawing experience from his international rugby career, sporting injuries and his countless certifications, Founder of CFPT …


Ant Haynes

Senior Health & Performance Specialist

 Five-time Crossfit Regionals athlete, ex-international rugby player and passionate coach. Ant thrives on seeing his athletes progress …


Babs Glancy

Health & Performance Specialist

CFPT Crossfit Regionals Team member, ex-international hockey player, lover of the outdoors and Mum to a gorgeous little boy, Babs is …