Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training at CFPT is one of the most thorough training services offered in the region. We are extremely dedicated in our approach to training individual clients. Our professional coaches are highly qualified and each has a unique background and specialty which enables us to meet the needs and goals of every individual.



If you are interested in taking up personal training at CFPT, your journey will begin with a confidential assessment that includes a questionnaire and form to answer questions related to your current physical, social and psychological state position. Your responses will help us to match you to the most appropriate coach before you come in to meet for a face to face assessment. During this meeting you can discuss your training goals and work with your coach to create a plan for how you will achieve those goals.

Throughout your personal training journey, you and your coach will cover basic nutrition, training psychology, goal setting, testing procedures and, of course, your individualised programme. Working hard is just one small aspect of training – the real magic happens when you combine all of these elements together.


Alex Younger

Health & Performance Specialist

Barbell specialist Alex Younger brings experience from the UK, UAE and now HK. Alex has been a competitive Crossfitter his entire adult life and whilst he is always looking to increase his knowledge, he is passionate about sharing this knowledge with all who are interested in learning.

Ant Haynes

Senior Health & Performance Specialist

Five-time Crossfit Regionals athlete, ex-international rugby player and passionate coach. Ant thrives on seeing his athletes progress, no matter what their goals. Ant coaches our group classes, takes on personal training clients and works closely with a number of remote coaching clients both in HK and overseas.

Babs Glancy

Health & Performance Specialist

CFPT Crossfit Regionals Team member, ex-international hockey player, lover of the outdoors and Mum to a gorgeous little boy, Babs is one of the original Coastal Fitness coaches. Behind her big smile is a coach who is relentless in her quest for improved fitness for all her clients, both in the group class setting as well as one-on-one.

Charlotte Thompson

Apprentice Coach

Charlotte, more commonly known as Lotte, is CFPT’s first ever Apprentice. Originally a group class member and part of the Operations team, Lotte found her passion for coaching and is currently making the transition to fully fledged coach!

Ed Haynes

Managing Director, Head of Health & Performance

Drawing experience from his international rugby career, sporting injuries and his countless certifications, Founder of CFPT, Ed Haynes, is always learning and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with those around him.

Emma Chan

Health and Performance Specialist

A competitive volleyball player who’s passion for training and coaching stemmed from a sporting injury and her subsequent road to recovery. If Emma isn’t in the gym, it’s likely she’s exploring the world, or dancing!

Jacques van der Walt


Originally from South Africa, Jacques made the move to Hong Kong from Hanoi, Vietnam. Jacques specialises in Barbell work and Gymnastics movements. He is passionate about coaching and seeing his clients progress. Jacques is a former rugby player and wrestler.

Steven Hightower

Health & Performance Specialist

Adventurous both in and out of CFPT, Steven is our movement specialist. Outside of coaching, Steven is a passionate photographer and videographer and loves to train outdoors, experimenting with movement, doing yoga or meditating.

Saed Alami

Health & Performance Specialist

Saed (pronounced “sad” but meaning happiness in Arabic) coached in Belgium and Abu Dhabi before coming to Hong Kong and speaks four languages, French, Dutch, Arabic and English!) Saed is our Coastal30 specialist. He also loves an outdoor workout and exploring the city of Hong Kong.