Strength & Conditioning Classes

Strength & Conditioning Classes

The Coastal S&C programme is the most comprehensive programme of all our group classes and is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community.

Getting started:
Complete complimentary assessment with a CFPT coach
Complete Fundamentals programme (if required)
3. Become a part of the community


About this class

Due to the continual growth of this programme, we have created three training groups for members to follow. This allows us to individualise each session to cater for both the needs and ability levels of those within each group. Classes are structured to allow all 3 groups to train together, building a strong and varied community.

How it works

Due to the complexity of movements in the Coastal S&C programme, individuals are required to complete our complimentary assessment. This provides both you and the coaching team with a detailed analysis of any strengths and weaknesses you might have as well as to better understand your fitness goals. This may be followed by the Fundamentals Programme – a one on one programme which, upon completion, will provide you with the experience, knowledge and education needed to become a core member of our Coastal S&C programme.

The three training groups are:

  • Fitness
  • Performance
  • Competitor


The goal of the Fitness programme is to create balanced fitness while simultaneously improving body composition and general health. Technical weightlifting and other CrossFit style movements (handstand pushups, kipping pull-ups etc.) are not seen as priorities for this group. We know that base level strength through traditional lifts and health is the key to longevity and earning further athletic prowess. This does not mean this programme is any easier than the others. Both novice and experienced members have follow this programme for multiple years, and they continue to get stronger and fitter.

In order to join our Fitness Programme, one must graduate from the CFPT Fundamentals programme. For those who have completed a fundamentals / on-ramp programme at another registered affiliate, it is a still a requirement to pass the CFPT Movement and basic strength assessment.


Those following the performance programming are generally athletes that have adequate experience when it comes to resistance training (1-4 years). The goal of the performance programme is to prepare our athletes as best as possible for the annual CrossFit Open, while simultaneously creating balanced fitness for health and longevity. Due to the fact that we encourage our members to take part in the Open (its not mandatory) there is exposure to a variety of CrossFit style movements like kipping, inversions, olympic lifting and more intense energy system training. The demands of CrossFit’s dynamic movements and higher intensity means that having excellent base level strength and structural balance is imperative to staying healthy and progressing in the sport.


Our competitors programme is designed for the athlete that, as the name suggests, wants to be competitive in the sport of fitness. These athletes should be well rounded individuals and with a great understanding of how to perform high level gymnastics, technical olympic lifting as well as having experience in mixed modal energy system training. This is a ‘competitive’ programme and therefore isn’t the best choice for people to follow if they are looking for health benefits. Loading and rep schemes mimic competitive fitness and therefore having solid base strength, structural balance and enough mobility for the sport are essential.

For Everyone

Upon completion of the CFPT Fundamentals programme or similar external equivalent

3 Levels

Fitness, Performance, Competitor


Monday to Saturday. Morning, afternoon and evening


60 minutes


Ed Haynes

Managing Director, Head of Health & Performance

Drawing experience from his international rugby career, sporting injuries and his countless certifications, Founder of CFPT …


Ant Haynes

Senior Health & Performance Specialist

 Five-time Crossfit Regionals athlete, ex-international rugby player and passionate coach. Ant thrives on seeing his athletes progress …


Babs Glancy

Health & Performance Specialist

CFPT Crossfit Regionals Team member, ex-international hockey player, lover of the outdoors and Mum to a gorgeous little boy, Babs is …