Dr. Kaili ChenClinical Psychologist
I started CrossFit at CrossFit CFPT in 2013 as a way of providing structure in my life while I was working on my doctoral thesis. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into back then. As a sedentary creature of habit, CrossFit was a massive shock to the system. However, what CrossFit has taught me is to trust the process, fall in love with it, and enjoy the ride, which I have also implemented in my work life. The most wonderful aspect of joining CrossFit CFPT was the friendly and inclusive community supporting each other day after day. Thank you guys, for changing my life for the better!
Rodger SpencerCorporate Lawyer
CFPT is definitely the place to train if you’re getting bored of your gym routine and looking to improve your strength and fitness. I joined about 5 years ago and have been really happy with my improvements. I have achieved a number of my goals (e.g. doing a muscle up and cleaning 100kg) but there are always things to work on, which keeps things interesting. I live and work closer to a number of other crossfit gyms but I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! Services / work life I have an unlimited membership so I normally do 4 morning classes during the week. I also consult Ed Haynes about nutrition from time to time, which has been really helpful in knowing what to eat, what not to eat and what vitamins to take. I work as a corporate lawyer so that sometimes involves uncertain finish times so I like to train in the morning to make sure I get it done…plus it helps me wake up in the morning! What I love about CFPT I know it’s a bit cliched but the thing I love most about CFPT is the sense of community. It kind of feels like being in a sports team – everyone is very supportive of each other but there’s also a bit of friendly competition. I’ve made a lot of good friends through CFPT which definitely makes training a lot more fun.
Alex ZenovicChief Marketing Officer - The Pryde Group
Moving from a big chain gym to CFPT has been everything I expected: a better sense of community, targeted coaching and thought-through, periodised training. As well as improving overall performance I was able to learn new skills challenge myself and make new friends. I couldn’t recommend CFPT more.
Bree ElliottAPAC Merchandise Planning Manager, lululemon athletica
My husband, Phil, has been keen for me to try CrossFit for a long time. Coastal Fitness Performance Training (CFPT) came highly recommended to me for being a supportive box; credible coaches with a focus on technique and an ethos of building to one’s own potential. Knowing all of this certainly made it a lot easier for me to finally give CrossFit a go – and the result has been amazing! I have achieved more than I could have imagined both physically and mentally. The whole team at CFPT has supported me throughout the journey, enabling me to push harder whilst feeling secure and safe in what I was trying. Phil and I have also enjoyed our new connection through a passion for health and fitness. On top of all of that, it has been loads of fun as we built a new community of friends through the experience of training together. Definitely highly recommended for those experienced in CrossFit or just starting out like me!
Adrian SetoSenior Director, Innovation and Fintech
I have been training at CFPT for over 4 years now in their group classes. Often people who do not CrossFit will express their concern about injury as this has been something widely discussed in online forums. My response is there is always a chance of injury in any exercise you do but the most important aspect at any level is the coaching. And the coaching at CFPT is the best in town. I have personally experienced poor coaching when I first started training (100 reps of anything for a newbie is not ok!) and heard of many horror stories. Extra attention is always paid to newbies but also anyone that isn’t doing a certain exercise with good form. This is even true when you come in for open gym to work out by yourself; it wouldn’t be surprising to hear one of the coaches scream across the box to remind someone about the proper technique. To me this is the most important aspect when selecting which box to join – coaching that is focused on proper form and technique.
Jota ShohtokuSenior Vice President Country Manager - Hong Kong Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd.
CFPT is my home away from home in Hong Kong. I’ve been training regularly here for almost four years and I can say for sure that I live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle as a result. You can truly feel the passion and dedication that the coaches have during class, the thoughtfulness in the programming across all levels, and the supportive (and competitive) nature of the community. The data that they get during test weeks are fed back into the programming, and the results speak for themselves. The fact that as a 41 year old, I am as strong as I was during my collegiate basketball days is a testament to the fact that if you put in the work, you’ll get results here.
I joined Coastal just under a year ago, having never been in proximity of a barbell or dumbbell before.  Coastal’s Fitness programme is well-catered to beginners – the coaches are patient and detailed with their explanations, and I’m keen on the variety of movements which keeps each class interesting and fresh.  Power cleans, split jerks, deadlifts … previously, in my mind, this stuff belonged in the realm of burly, unshaven, Popeye-type men, and not part of my reality. But to now be able to execute these movements myself, and lift a little heavier as times passes, is a complete thrill.  Before joining Crossfit I could do one pushup, now I can do eight unbroken pushups!  Before Crossfit I couldn’t do a pull-up, now I still can’t do a pull-up – figured one must leave upside for the future.  I combine the techniques I’ve learned at Coastal with running on the weekends, and find my training regime now to be more balanced: I work on both upper and lower body; cardio and strength movements; and can choose to be alone on the trails or surrounded by a brilliant community at Coastal’s group classes.  It’s been an absolute pleasure training here this year.
Kenny LimPhotographer
When I became a Dad, something told me that I had to start working out again. I found CFPT with zero expectations on whether I would like it, how long I would stay, or whether Crossfit was for me. I never liked gyms so unsurprisingly it was humbling from the start – I couldn’t skip rope let alone do a pull-up. But for some reason I kept coming back and two years on I am so glad I did. Training is the highlight of my day. I don’t lift “heavy” but I love competing against myself. I’ve unlocked physical achievements I didn’t think were possible and have several more in my crosshairs. I’ve remedied ailments that have plagued my body for years. The coaches are world class – each and every one. They know all the athletes and are genuinely rooting for you to reach your highest potential. The athletes come from so many different walks of life and at the end of the day we all just train hard together…it is a community that I’ve never experienced at any other gym and what I love about it here most.
Alex Kam
I have been personally trained by Ed Haynes for more than 6 years. I have three sessions a week, two with him and one on my own with a tailored program from him. In addition to CFPT, I am also a regular squash player and a skier. CFPT has very professional trainers. They are very knowledgeable not only on all aspects of training skills but also give sound dietary and health advice. The trainers are demanding for good reasons. It is also a local gym and a community. People are friendly and get to know each other really well. It is not a chain operation!
Alister Musgrave
Coastal is an incredible venue for both training and community. The training is immense as its led by passionate and dedicated coaches, with suitable streams for all levels and great movement variety & progression which helps everyone hit their fitness goals. Even when injured the coaches take time to adapt the program to help you keep training. On top of this, the community is awesome with a great variety of people who are as dedicated to having fun as they are to staying in shape! This all comes together with the in-house team Fitness League where everyone competes together for the title, and finishes with an awesome Coastal party! On top of this, after getting fit I did my life insurance medical and saved USD1,000 per year for the next 30 years as I was fitter and had longer life expectancy than before. So if cost is a barrier, this definitely proves that having a consistent long term training plan is a sound investment that pays off!!
Darren LeungAsset Management
I found out what fit really means after joining CFPT. It is hard to describe that that really means, but once you start, you will immediately know how far from fit you are and it is this very feeling that got me hooked. It has been 4 years since I joined CFPT. I have been with the group class program ever since, growing from fitness program all the way to the competitor program. I can now tell people that I am actually fit, but I know there is still much to improve on, it will be an on-going journey and CFPT provides a good platform for me to keep reaching new heights.
Ubaid RehmanBarrister-at-law
Since joining CPFT more than three and half years ago, I’ve always considered myself the atypical member. I’m a bit older than most members, a bit more reserved and nowhere near as physically fit as most folks who attend the classes.  However, I’ve never felt that I do not belong here.  On the contrary, as time has passed, I have felt more and more connected to the gym.  I recently moved to a new apartment and although it takes me about 50 minutes on the MTR to attend the Saturday morning class, it has never crossed my mind that I should go to the gym in my clubhouse or even go to the crossfit gym that is closer to my house. Thera are various reasons for this great affinity towards CPFT. Firstly, it’s the coaches. Ed has assembled a first class group of individuals who are highly proficient in the technical aspects of their jobs and who are clearly passionate about what they do.  Although they encourage members to push themselves, the emphasis is on correct techniques and safety.  Even on days when the classes are close to capacity, they walk around and make sure that members of all skill levels are adopting the correct techniques and putting in maximal effort.  Another great aspect of working out at CPFT is the division of the classes into Fitness, Performance and Competitor athletes. When I first joined, I was skeptical because I assumed the coaches would focus most of their attention on the performance and competitor members of the class. However, in reality, coaches spend about the same amount of time on all levels of athletes and the system works surprisingly well. I may not be as strong as the performance athletes and I may not be as technically proficient as them in some of the more advanced lifting or gymnastics moves but we all do the classes together and no group gets left out or is neglected by the coaches.  The third and perhaps the most important factors for me is the general level of camaraderie around the gym.  The support staff who deal with the administrative matters are exceedingly friendly and most of the members are also very congenial and easy going.  I am not very outgoing and I don’t really spend much time outside the gym with the other members but I’ve made some really good friends at the gym and I genuinely look forward to attending the classes with them.  Last year, I even took part in the CPFT fitness league as a member of the “lunch time” team. Before I joined, I spent two or three years trying to get “fit enough” so I could do crossfit.  However, after I started doing the classes, I realized that there is no “fit enough” stage that you need to reach before you start.  Whatever your current level of fitness is, it is good enough.  The coaches here will accommodate all the prescribed exercises to your level.  When I first started, I used to check the schedule the night before and sometimes worry about not being able to do some of the exercises.  Over time, I have learnt that every exercise can be scaled.  If you can’t do a pull up, the coaches will recommend 5 other things which will allow you to progress to a pull up. On a final note, I don’t want to give the readers an impression that CPFT is a magical place that will solve all your fitness problems.  Like any good gym, it requires commitment from its members. You have to show up regularly and be willing to put in the work.  In addition, you have to work on other aspects of your life.  The coaches here (especially Steven Hightower) have taught me that nutrition and proper rest are even more important than exercise.  However, if you are willing to work on those other aspects, you will find all the encouragement and the instruction that you will need from the brilliant coaches here.  If you have been considering doing crossfit but have been either too intimidated or feel that you need to first reach a certain level of fitness before starting group classes or PT, sign up for a session and give it a try.  I’m pretty sure you will end up loving the experience.
Julian FungJornalist
What could be crazier than an introvert nerd in his late 30s with zero sports background trying to do some serious workout? Hopping in CFPT for the hell of CrossFit training! I could hardly do a few strict press reps with the empty female bar on the first day I landed CFPT. After years of hard work and sweating, I can now lift much heavier and handle more difficult skills. The progression is slow, tough and sometimes frustrating, but I am enjoying the process under the patient and watchful eyes of the professional coaches. I feel lucky that I am a part of the CFPT community and feel stronger than 10 years ago. The experience is rewarding and life-changing.
David McGrath
The Proof is in results and I can tell you with 100% confidence that I’m in better shape now that when I was in my early & mid 20s and I was training every day back then. In life it’s all about substance and Coastal provides this in every facet of their work, every coach is knowledgeable on exercise, fitness, diet and better living. If you are tired of the same routine and have plateau’d with your training I can think of no better place. These guys give everything to the gym and it shows! I use a combination of Crossfit Classes, Itrain & PT sessions. I work in front of a computer from 7am to 6pm in a stressful Financial job. CFPT all comes down to the coaches and staff. I’ve been doing Crossfit for more than 4 years and have visited different boxes throughout the US, Aus & London and I haven’t met a more knowledgeable staff from top to bottom. Not only are they more knowledgeable they’re extremely welcoming and the program and thinking is well thought out and get results without injury. They just don’t post a Hero WOD and turn on the clock.
Rick Johannesen
I’m a small business owner (and family man) who travels a bit with work so the i-train program now suits my schedule which sometimes needs to be flexible. I’ve been through most of CFPTs service offering, starting with SMAC and have worked my way up to be a semi-competitive regional (masters) CrossFit athlete doing a current mix of group classes and personal training sessions. What I feel works at CFPT is the passion and commitment from top to bottom. It is contagious and just works, leading to a life changing experience for me.  Period.



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