April 26, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics

April 26, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics


General Warm Up
3 Rounds
10 x Table top CHest opening Progressions
30s Thoracic Extension Progressions
30s Scapular Control Progressions
Scoring: Not Scored


Specific Warm Up
10s Top of Dip Hold on a box
10s Bottom of Dip hold on a box
10 x Arch up Progressions
Scoring: Not Scored

C. Strict Muscle Up Progressions

Strict Muscle Up Progressions
1- False Grip on Bar 2 x 10s
2 – Top of dip on rings 2 x 10s
3 – Bottom of Dip on rings 2 x 10s
4 – Top of pull up on rings 2 x 10s
5 – Seated banded strict MU with partner assistance
Scoring: Not Scored

D. Every 75s

Every 75s
2-4 Seated Banded Strict Muscle-up with assistanceScoring: Not Scored


3 rounds
30s top of dip hold with SL pike pulse
Rest 30s
30s Bottom of Dip hold with sl tuck hold
rest 30s
Scoring: Not Scored

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