April 28, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics

April 28, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics


Sunday Fun Day
Warm Up
2 Rounds
10 Cat + Cow
30 Second Bench Tricep Stretch
30 Second Floor Pigeon Right
30 Second Floor Pigeon Left

(Incorporate any kipping Handstand push up warm up you like here)Scoring: Not Scored


A. 10-15 KHSPU Progressions
Note to Emma – (Incorporate any Kipping handstand push up progressions you feel is appropriate here)Scoring: Not Scored

C. B. 3 Rounds for QUALITY

B. 3 Rounds for QUALITY
B. 3 Rounds for QUALITY
10 Alternating Dumbbell Curl + Overhead Press (As heavy as possible)
10 Zombie Sit-Ups + Backward Fold
20 Hollow Pulses
(Enter weight used for Overhead Press as your score)

Use lighter weight
Swing your arms forward to help with the sit-up
Tucked Hollow Pulses

Zombie Sit Up + Backward Fold:
1. Begin in a seated pike position, with your legs together and extended straight in front of you. Toes will be pointed, and the palms of your hands in contact with the ground (ideally for the entire movement).
2. Engage the core, and begin to lay backwards, rounding your back to the ground.
3. Once fully extended, laying on the floor, use your core and hip flexors to pull your heels off the floor. The legs will remain straight for the entire movement.
4. With your palms and back remaining in contact with the floor, continue piking the hips, pulling your legs towards your face, and pushing the toes towards the ground behind your head (you should be staring at the tops of your knees). At this point, most of your back will peel off the floor as you roll onto the back of your shoulders. You will end in what feels like an upside-down pike stretch.
5. To roll forward, lift your toes off the ground, begin pressing your entire back, back into the floor one vertebrae at a time (think of rolling down through your spine), and slowly directing the heels back to towards the floor. Your palms will still be in contact with the ground.
6. Once your legs are fully extended on the floor, once again, engage your core and sit-up. Your palms and entire lower body should remain on the ground. Do not allow your legs to lift off.
7. Sliding your palms along the sides of your calves, reach them as far forward (towards the heels) as your hamstring mobility allows. You should be moving through a seated pike stretch, pressing your chest into the tops of your quads.
8. Reach your full range of motion in the pike stretch, and repeat.

Hollow Pulses:
1. Begin in a hollow hold with your arms by your sides, focusing on pulling the belly button in, to press the lower back to the floor.
2. To pulse, engage the core and simultaneously lift the shoulders and toes a few inches higher.
3. Return to your starting hollow position.
4. RepeatScoring: Not Scored


EMOM x 6:

Every Minute on the Minute for 6 Minutes. Move at a moderate pace the entire time.
40 Seconds: Continuous Work: 1 Wall Walk + 0:10 Handstand Hold
40 Seconds: Continuous Work: Chinese Plank (face up)Scoring: Not Scored

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