Camps & Seminars

Camps & Seminars

Education is a hugely important part of what we do here at Coastal Fitness Performance Training. Our vision is to continually invest in creating platforms which allow us to help educate people on how to be better both physically and mentally.

In recent years we have put on a number of seminars that look to provide the knowledge accrued by our coaches to both Athletes and fitness professionals alike.

The content in each seminar can vary based upon the audience but rest assured there is always a wealth of information being shared!

In 2018, we will be hosting Camps and Seminars dedicated to beginners as well as those who are experienced in the sport of CrossFit. There is something for everyone!

Upcoming Camps & Seminars


  • 23 February 2019, Coastal Fitness Performance Training, Hong Kong


  • 26 & 27 January 2019, Coastal Fitness Performance Training, Hong Kong

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  • Competitive Fitness Athletes
  • CrossFit Facility Owners
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Anyone looking to take part in the 2019 CrossFit Open, Asia Championships, Local and Regional throwdowns, or the 2019 CrossFit Regionals and Games
  • For those training at CFPT, we welcome all athletes following the Performance or Competitor Groups of the S&C programme, as well as competitive PT and iTrain clients.


  • The aim of these camps is to provide a blend of education and competition, ensuring that all attendees walk away with valuable information which can be implemented immediately
  • Feedback from previous camps is that people would like to receive more personal feedback on their performance. After each workout, athletes will break away into small groups to work with the CFPT coaching team and receive constructive feedback on their performance.

Topics covered (not exhaustive)

  • Understanding the effects of stress on adaptation
  • How to manipulate nutrition, warm-up and cool down for a range of different tests to ensure optimal performance on game day
  • How to effectively create a strategy, review your performance and create a repeat strategy to guarantee success
  • How to ‘peak’ for a competition.

HK Athlete Camp Early Bird Rate - Members


The Athlete Camp Early Bird Rate is available until Friday 14 December, 2018

HK Athlete Camp Standard Rate - Members


The Coastal Fitness Convention Standard Rate is available from 15 December 2018

HK Athlete Camp Early Bird Rate - Non-members


The Athlete Camp Early Bird Rate is available until Friday 14 December, 2018

HK Athlete Camp Standard Rate - Non-members


Athlete Camp Standard Rate is available from 15 December, 2018

Great weekend. Learned a lot through listening, watching and doing. @ed_haynes_coach impressive breath and width of knowledge, and thought process.– Nick Taylor AC 2017
Had a killer weekend at the Coastal Fitness Athlete Camp. Awesome camp, environment & Athletes. Learned so much and surprised myself in the process. Can’t say enough good things about the @coastalfitnesshk Team and what they’re doing here in Hong Kong.– Aaron Thomson, Athlete Camp 2017
One of the best weekends I ever have in my entirely CrossFit life, appreciate for the great treatment @coastalfitnesshk ,the knowledge shared from @ed_haynes_coach and @life_of_hi makes us looking great. I am pretty sure that going to meet your guys soon– Weili Lee Athlete Camp 2017
Would definitely recommend the athlete camp to anyone who is wanting to improve at CrossFit, understand how the body works or generally just aiming to be better themselves. Great informative weekend from the Coastal team combined with some awesome workouts!– Josh Nedelijkovic Athlete Camp 2017


The Coastal Fitness Convention
  • Non competitive and competitive Crossfit Atheltes
  • Functional Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Fitness coaches
  • Anyone who is following the Fitness, Performance or competitor group
  • A full day convention to equip you with the knowledge required to achieve your own fitness goals
  • A blend of education and competition
  • A supportive and challenging training environment
  • Performance feedback from the CFPT coaching team, post workout.
Topics covered (not exhaustive)
  • ‘Stress management to get the most out of your training’
  • ‘Warming up, cooling down and how to create an effective strategy for a workout’
  • ‘Why you shouldn’t use the leaderboard to measure your success as an individual’
    Nutrition, sleep & stress
Content and workouts will be targeted towards those who are relatively new to the sport of CrossFit and the concepts and ideas around competition
For those training at CFPT, we welcome anyone who follows the Fitness Group of the S&C programme as well as PT and iTrain clients who have an interest in the sport of CrossFit


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