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CFPT Athlete Camp 2018

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In January 2018, Coastal Fitness hosted an Athlete Camp in our new facility. Over 20 athletes participated in the weekend lead by head coach, Ed Haynes. Participants spent two days learning about how to understand their bodies, movement capabilities and balancing stress levels throughout a range of workouts. They were also put through their paces with five gruelling workouts to further test their new knowledge and adaptability. The aim of this weekend was to prepare athletes both mentally and physically for the upcoming open, allowing them to identify their limiters and weaknesses and turning them into strengthens.

We have had some amazing feedback and comments from our athletes and wanted to share a couple of experiences.

Aaron Thomson: 

“Had a killer weekend at the Coastal Fitness Athlete Camp. Awesome camp, environment & Athletes. Learned so much and surprised myself in the process. Can’t say enough good things about the @coastalfitnesshk Team and what they’re doing here in Hong Kong.

Have to give a special shout out to the man behind it all and my Coach @ed_haynes_coach I’ve been working with Ed for about 4 1/2 months now and at 37 years old I’m better, fitter & faster than I’ve ever been. On top of learning to become a better Athlete and a better competitor, I’ve also became a better Coach. I’ve learned so much that I use daily with my clients, Athletes & members and I can’t wait to bring everything from this weekend back to @bengkelcrossfit group.

So thanks again Ed and here’s to the future and trusting the process.”



Weili Lee:

“One of the best weekends I ever have in my entirely CrossFit life, appreciate for the great treatment @coastalfitnesshk ,the knowledge shared from @ed_haynes_coach and @life_of_hi makes us looking great. I am pretty sure that going to meet your guys soon”


“[Ed] is one of the best coaches I’ve ever known”



Liz Cooper

“ What an amazing seminar. I loved it! ”





Josh Nedelijkovic:


“Would definitely recommend the athlete camp to anyone who is wanting to improve at CrossFit, understand how the body works or generally just aiming to be better themselves. Great informative weekend from the Coastal team combined with some awesome workouts!”




Caleb Barretto:

“Had a great time with an awesome group of Athletes and coaches. Can’t put a price on such a great learning experience, in an environment of like minded individuals. Surely can’t wait to apply, develop and share what this experience has taught me. Thank you to the @coastalfitnesshk team for providing the opportunity to continue to grow. P.S the new location is beautiful!”


Nick Taylor

“ Great weekend. Learned a lot through listening, watching and doing. @ed_haynes_coach impressive breath and width of knowledge, and thought process.”


Thank you all for your amazing energy on the weekend and much appreciated feedback and posts! We look forward to seeing you all back for next year’s Athlete Camp!

Good luck to everyone in the open..  Onwards and upwards!

Coastal Fitness hosts Athlete Camps in Hong Kong and across Asia. For information on how to have the CFPT team in your gym, please contact [email protected].

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