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Individuals who looking to supplement their own training and take a crack at one of the most challenging sports around, are welcome to CSTL three nights per week for Barbell Club. Coached by our very own three-time Olympian, Olympic medalist and world-record holder, Cheryl Haworth, the barbell club program is an atmosphere for like-minded people interested in weightlifting to train together, become stronger and more technically sound. Even if an individual is not completely familiar with or experienced in weightlifting, Coastal offers a comprehensive fundamentals program, taught one on one by Cheryl, for athletes eager to join. The number one priority for Barbell Club is for a lifter to lift safely, with the correct technique and to have a complete understanding of the philosophies that go along with Olympic-Style weightlifting.
Within Olympic weightlifting, group training is critical; Having continuous feedback is the key to developing solid technique, no matter your level of expertise. From a programming standpoint, we have meticulously laid out each training block ahead of time, ensuring continuous progression for everyone and is tailored to lifters individual needs. An athlete will know exactly what will be expected of him/her each session by having access to evolving workouts. Periodically athletes will be given the opportunity to test themselves in the snatch, clean and jerk, squat and various other exercises to keep close tabs on the progress that’s being made. Whether a lifter is preparing for the Crossfit Open, judo or a local powerlifting competition, Cheryl takes each person on their own lifting journey, according to their goals. Within this program, dedicated lifters can also find a community of people who train for and compete in a variety of international Olympic weightlifting events.
Feel free to join us Wednesday’s at 7:30pm, Friday’s at 7pm, and Saturday afternoons at 3pm. Drop in for a one session, get involved in the program, have a consultation or just a quick chat and get started becoming a more powerful athlete!
Session Type Cost Expiry Information
Single ‘drop-in’ Session $300  1 Month
Single Session (existing Clients) $150 1 Month
1 Month Membership $1,800
1 Month Membership (existing Clients) $900


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