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Barbell Club is lead by our resident Barbell specialist, Alex Younger. Barbell Club focuses on the Olympic Lifting side of CrossFit and compliments our Group Class programme. Members looking to improve their barbell work and gain a greater understanding of various lifting movements will benefit greatly from this class. Barbell club is included in the Group Class packages.

All Group Class members following the performance and competitor levels of the CFPT group programming are welcome to attend Barbell Club. Fitness athletes may be required to take an assessment with one of our coaches before participating in order to ensure basic understanding of the required movements. For queries, please speak to our trainers.

Session Type Cost Expiry Information
Single ‘drop-in’ Session $300  1 Month
Single Session (existing Clients) $150 1 Month
1 Month Membership $1,800
1 Month Membership (existing Clients) $900


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