The I-Train program is designed for the athlete that is looking for guidance with their training from some of the industry’s leading professionals. This guidance comes in the form of program design, lifestyle and nutritional advice as well as constant interaction with a designated member from our team.

This program has been sought after by those from a wide array of disciplines including Ultra Marathon Running, Professional Football & Rugby, Martial Arts, Competitive CrossFit to name just a few with some fantastic results. The versatility of the program has not only been used by those looking to gain a competitive edge but also by those looking to take their general health and/or body composition into their own hands. It is the design of the program that it can be completed any where on the planet with constant communication with client and trainer allowing for the most versatile of services. This versatility has lead to our reach extending to beyond the Asian region to include clients from Guam, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Australia and more.

It should be noted that the I Train program is designed for the self motivated individual with prior training experience, especially if you are looking to carry out the program offsite or overseas.

Step 1:

Upon expressing your interest in the program and us answering any questions you may have, you will be asked to complete some assessment protocols including a face to face or online consultation, as well as some forms that will help us better understand your current situation and goals moving forward.

Step 2:

The trainer will then go away and devise your tailored program as well as analyse any additional factors that will affect your training based on the assessment process in Step 1. Upon completion (typically 5 – 7 days), the trainer will arrange to take you through the 4 week block of programming, any testing required and notify you of any particulars with regards to lifestyle or nutrition.

Step 3:

After the completion of the 4 Week training block, you and our performance specialist will reconvene and discuss the direction of the next 4 weeks of training.

Session Type Cost Information
CFPT Facility Usage $1,000  *Applied if completing program at CFPT
Level 1 $2,250  * 3250 at CFPT
Level 2 $2,000  * 3000 at CFPT
Level 3 $1,750  * 2750 at CFPT


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