“if ‘exercise boredom’ is what has been keeping you out of the gym all these years, then this is the class for you!”


The simple science: We know that in order to get ‘seriously lean’, one must incorporate resistance exercise into your training regimen, and to not fall into the trap of sticking to low intensity single modality exercise (think running or elliptical for 40 mins or more…). The resulting muscle tissue repair which takes place after resistance training, allows our body to continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after exercise.

Expect to push sleds, hit tyres, squat, jump, swing kettlebells, master bodyweight exercises, row, cycle and build a rock solid core. Be prepared to build muscle, burn fat, improve mobility and reach unprecedented levels of fitness. Our sessions are constantly varied, so if ‘exercise boredom’ is what has been keeping you out of the gym all these years, then this is the class for you!

The beauty of these classes, are that there are NO PRE-REQUISITS to joining! All of our workouts are infinitely scalable – what this means, is that fitness newbies are able to get just as good a workout alongside those who have been training for years!
Think this might be something your company and it’s employee might be interested in? We offer Corporate Packages with multiple options and great savings!  If you are interested in finding out more feel free to get in touch with us so we can talk you through its structure.If you are wanting to have a trial session to see what the class is all about, good news, your first session is FREE!


Max HIT is an hour of high intensity fitness training, which promises to build muscle and shred body fat like no other high intensity group class. Delivered by highly qualified fitness experts, in one of Hong Kong’s premier performance centers, Max HIT is truly unique in its ability to deliver results to all ability levels.

Unlike other bootcamp classes, Max HIT sessions are cleverly programmed to ensure progressive overload, guaranteeing that you will avoid that inevitable plateau with your fitness, health and fat loss. Experience and science tells us that combining the elements of resistance training with running, jumping, rowing, cycling, skipping, with minimal rest, allows us to build lean muscle, which in turn, will rapidly burn body fat.

Session Type Cost Expiry Information
Single ‘drop-in’ Session $200
5 Session Package $900 2 months from purchase date
10 Session Package $1,600 3 months from purchase date
20 Session Package $2,800 4 months from purchase date



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If you bring a friend down and they sign up for a package you are entitled to a free session! Just make sure they note down your name on their waiver form and we will make sure you get your session!

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