Clean & Lean Challenge

Next challenge starts 21 September 2018

The Clean & Lean Nutrition Challenge

The Clean & Lean Nutrition Challenge is an opportunity for anyone looking to either start their nutrition journey or to simply get back on track. Perhaps you’ve just returned from a wonderful, and slightly indulgent, holiday. Or maybe you’ve just never really put too much thought to the types of things you’re putting into your body. Whatever your reasons, the Coastal Fitness Clean & Lean Challenge is the perfect chance for you to kick start some great nutrition habits.

Our challenges are carried out under the guidance of a Coastal Fitness Health & Performance Specialist and include daily nuggets of wisdom for the entire 6 week duration. Scroll down for more on what else is included. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed!



Although most of us know that vegetables are good for us and sugary sweets are not ideal, who is holding us accountable? This challenge is a good opportunity for you to be held accountable for your actions, which will hopefully lead to better decisions about the food that you eat and choices that you make regarding your health. How do we do it? We will send you a daily ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question to keep you on track.


Each participant will receive two 30-minute meetings with our coach. The first will take place at the beginning of the challenge and will involve goal setting and body measurements. The second will take place at the end of the 6 weeks and will include a review of the process and a second set of body measurements.


Everything you need to know about this challenge will be in this manual. The success manual is sent to you on day one and is your go to guide for frequently asked questions, for the duration of the challenge.


The challenge includes a weekly meal plan and a recipe book with recipes for each meal. The recipe book will be circulated to all participants at the start of the challenge and the meal plans will be shared at the start of each week.


The shopping lists have been created to support the weekly meal plans, making the meal prep for these 6 weeks simple and enjoyable.


Going out for a meal and not going to have your meal planner and recipe guide with you? Don’t let this 6 week challenge affect your social life! Go out and have a good time. You will be armed with a handy guide to help you know what items you can exchange for a more healthy option.

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Clean & Lean Challenge - Early Bird Rate

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HK$1,800 for the full 6 week package

Clean & Lean Challenge

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HK$2,000 for the full 6 week package