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Welcome to Coastal Fitness.

We are Hong Kong's premiere strength and conditioning facility, created to positively impact people's ability to Live, Perform, and Compete.

We are community-driven, and take pride in every single person who trains with us.

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High octane interviews & discussions about all that is fitness, form and function from professional athletes, coaches and industry experts from around the globe.

We are all about the people and the process, and our mission is: impact.



  • #19 - Your Gym Reopening: Members, Gym Owners and Coaches June 29, 2020
    With a lot of gyms around the world reopening their doors in the next few weeks, today is all about sharing that our gym reopening journey with you. We break this episode into 3 categories: The gym member & client; The Business; and The Coaches. We share some of the experiences that we have dealt […]
  • #18 - Travis Mayer: What It Takes to Be a CrossFit Games Athlete June 22, 2020
    Ed sits down with the one and only Travis Mayer. The 5 time CrossFit Games athlete shares his childhood story, and how his dream to become a professional motocross racer was laid to rest after being introduced to CrossFit at the age of 19. Travis retells the stories of some of the pivotal moments in […]
  • #17 - CrossFit: What Does the Future Hold? June 15, 2020
    In today’s episode, Saed plays the role of the interviewer and sits down with Ed to discuss the recent shake-ups to CrossFit, following the tweet of former CEO Greg Glassman. We begin by reliving our thoughts and actions as a team on the day of the news dropping, and Ed shares his reasoning as to […]
  • #16 - Andre Houdet: Living with a Mission and Purpose June 7, 2020
    Andre is a man on a mission. For as long as he can remember, he has lived his life with purpose. It all begins with goal setting, which is followed by the creation and execution of a process to get him there. He’s a smart individual who has developed his craft as a coach by […]
  • #15 - Alex Younger: Discovering CrossFit at 15 Years Old and the Adventures That Followed June 1, 2020
    Ed and Alex rewind the clock back to humble beginnings in the North East of England. Alex was introduced to CrossFit at the age of 15, which saved him from going down a dangerous path with a troubled crowd. The decision led him to find passion and purpose in competing and coaching, which eventually lead […]
  • #14 - Ant & Tammi: Thoughts on the 2020 CrossFit Games Going Ahead May 25, 2020
    2 weeks ago, CrossFit announced that the 2020 CrossFit Games will be going ahead, but with some drastic changes to the format. Ed sits down with Ant Haynes and Tammi Robinson, both who qualified to the 2020 Games as National Champions but will not be attending this year's games due to the exclusion of National […]
  • #13 - Listener Q&A The Key to Increasing Mobility, Lockdown Training Mistakes, and Stepping Back Into the Gym May 18, 2020
    Today, Ed tackles some listener Q&A’s which we have compiled over the last few weeks. The episode begins with Izzy and Ed sharing what the first week of business reopening has been like, and some of the leadership and business lessons Coastal has learned over the 6 weeks of closure. Today’s questions are focused more […]
  • #12 - Ed & Ant: Our Personal Struggles Training Through Covid-19 May 11, 2020
    Ed and Ant sit down to reflect on the last 6 weeks of gym closure, as Coastal Fitness prepares to open its doors once again. They share some of the personal struggles that they have had with their own training, and what they have done to overcome the obstacles. They discuss the GYMLESS programme and […]
  • #11 - Mike Mogard: The CrossFit Games and Raising the Future Fittest May 4, 2020
    Michael Mogard was a Crossfit games Individual athlete in 2013 and Crossfit Regionals Athlete from 2012-2017. He currently splits his year living in the USA and Brunei and runs CrossFit gyms in each location. Michael has a wife and 4 kids and they have created a unique culture of working out together as a family. […]
  • #10 - Olivia Park: Female Training and the Menstrual Cycle April 27, 2020
    Olivia Park is a women’s health and performance coach who helps women find liberation from the ‘shoulds’ of the fitness industry and the all-or-nothing mindset through training with intention and intensity. In today’s episode, Ed sits down with Olivia to discuss some crucial evidence-based information regarding female training and the menstrual cycle. The ratio of females who […]

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