Our COMPETE programme is designed for the athlete that wants to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit.

The goal of the COMPETE programme is to prepare our athletes as best as possible for the annual CrossFit Open, while simultaneously exposing them to movements that are frequently tested in arena-based competitions (e.g. local / regional competitions, CrossFit sanctioned events etc). Athletes who follow this program have had multiple years of exposure to the sport, and can complete all of the core movemetns with a high degree of efficiency.

The COMPETE programme is a progressive training programme – Each training block has a specific set of objectives, which are communicated to our followers weekly. This programme is closely tied to the CrossFit calendar, and one of the objectives is to prepare our followers for the CrossFit Open every October.

There are 5 sessions a week, which also includes daily accessory work, to help better prepare athletes for the varying demands of the sport. The sessions can typically be completed in 90 minutes.

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Are you looking to improve your general fitness?
Do you enjoy functional strength training and conditioning?
Are you looking for a well-rounded and structured programme?


Are you looking to improve in all aspects of CrossFit?
Do you enjoy following a programme that is catered to your ability level?
Are you looking for a dynamic & structured training programme?


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.