December 17, 2018 – Barbell Club

December 17, 2018 – Barbell Club


Low Hang Snatch
– 6 sets of 1 rep
Rest as needed

Looking to put into practice all the weeks development of the high hang snatch.

Snatch = Pause at the hip, Slide the barbell Down to knee, Pause at the knee. smooth pull back to the hip.


Snatch Grip Deadlift + Snatch Pull
– 4 sets of 3 complexes @ 90%
Rest as needed

:5 On the way up for Deadlift.
Must have a change of speed from knees to hips for the pull.

C. Sots Press 4 x 4

Sots Press
– 4 sets of 4 reps
Rest as needed

Heavier than last Week. Still in catch position for power snatch.

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