February 2, 2020 – Coastal Endurance

February 2, 2020 – Coastal Endurance

Remember the stimulus behind the class.

Option A:
Attack these intervals, working just below your AEROBIC THRESHOLD pace for the full 2mins. This is still sustainable
*Increasing your paces from last week again.

Option B:
Move at a 'smooth' pace, around 70-75% aerobic effort. This should still be conversational pace. Work for the full 3min blocks (no 'rest' period for you guys) and treat it as 48mins of easy aerobic work.
Looking to set us up for success throughout the week.

The pace that you CHOOSE to hold for the first set should be repeatable for the next 4 sets.

Shuttle running this week – complete with 25-50ft shuttles inside or outside the gym. Practice stop/start turns.

A. Alternating Sets: Row, Run, Assault Bike

5 sets of:
A1. Row for 2 minutesRest 1 minuteA2. Run for 2 minutesRest 1 minuteA3. Assault Bike for 2 minutesRest 1 minute

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