February 22, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics

February 22, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics


Handstand Holds
Warm Up
10-15 Minutes of Overhead Prep
Be sure address shoulder Flexion by loosening the following:
Thoracic Spine

With a 10-12 minute clock,
Practice these 3 Skills:
30 Seconds Chinese Plank
10-12 reps overhead shoulder shrug with plate
3-5 x Kick up on to wall with little to no noise

(Aim for 3-4 rounds for quality)

Freestanding Practice
8-10 minutes

4 Rounds for perfection: (Grunt work)
30m Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walk with heavy weight
30 sec Ring FLR with arm hands turned out
30-60s German Hang

If time allows:
Core MurderScoring: Not Scored

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