How ageing affects our metabolism and what to do about it?

How ageing affects our metabolism and what to do about it?

What is happening to me?
I was be able to recover from this workout way faster?
I used to go out all night and wake up the next morning and crush the day.
I feel so tired all the time. I can’t seem to lose belly fat as easily as I used to.
It is the destiny that awaits us all. Maybe, it is the experience you are going through right now.
Statistics show that by age 30, our muscle mass will decrease, our hormonal balance will fluctuate and our metabolism will slow down.
All of these things have a direct effect on our body composition and energy levels.
Let’s start by understanding what metabolism is and how we can minimise these age-related declines.

Understanding Metabolism 

Metabolism describes the totality of chemical processes within our body that keep us alive.
It is the sum of reactions that either build up or break down stuff within our body.
One of the main roles of metabolism is energy conversion and storage.
Metabolism converts the food we eat into energy that can be stored or used.
Food is broken down into smaller pieces through our digestion process to its smallest usable form. amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids.
This process also needs energy. We refer to this as our RMR, our resting metabolic rate. Our resting metabolic rate will decrease as we age.
Before we accept our fate, there is an alternative.
Exercise. Exercise has shown to affect our metabolism and hereby positively influence our body composition, energy levels and hormones.
Why? Because exercise costs energy. When we move, muscles contract and our oxygen need increases. Our heart beats faster, pumping more oxygen rich blood to the lungs and the rest of the body.
Our entire system is disrupted and needs energy to keep up.
Even after we are done, we need energy to repair and recover from our efforts.


A wise man once said, focus on what you can control.

We cannot stop the clock, we can however control the foods we eat and our levels of activity. Invest at least 30 minutes a day to move and eat the right things. Your future self will thank you.