January 19, 2020 – Coastal Endurance

January 19, 2020 – Coastal Endurance

Remember the stimulus behind the class.

Option A:
Attack these intervals, working for no more than 4:30mins, looking for some aerobic adaptation.

Option B:
Move at a 'smooth' pace, around 70-75% aerobic effort. This should still be conversational pace. Work for the full 5min blocks and treat it as 30mins of easy aerobic work.
Looking to set us up for success throughout the week.

The distances / calories are a rough guideline for someone holding HIGH paces (e.g.)
Row – 1:50avg/500m
AB – 66-68RPM
Run – 13kmph

The pace that you CHOOSE to hold for the first one should be repeatable for the second & third sets.
If you need modify / scale the distances / calories, then do so.

A. Every 5 minute for 45 minutes (3 rounds):

Minutes 1 – 5
Row 1250 meters
Minutes 6 – 10
75 Calories of Assault Bike
Minutes 11 – 15
Run 1000 meters

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