January 2, 2019 – Barbell Club

January 2, 2019 – Barbell Club

A. Power Clean + Push Press 5 x 4

Power Clean + Push Press
– 5 sets of 4 complexes
Rest as needed

Looking to Move from one movement into the other. No Pause between Clean and Push Press.

Rep 1: 50
Rep 2: 60
Rep 3: 70
Rep 4: 80

Goal is to add weight through each rep.

B. Alternating Sets: Hang Clean High Pull, Alternating Front-Racked Barbell Lunge Step

3 sets, for quality, of:
B1. 5 Hang Clean High PullsB2. 8 Alternating Front-Racked Barbell Lunge StepsAlternating between sets:
Clean Pull = Low Hang clean pull looking to follow through with the hips and finish with high elbows.

Front rack lunges= Looking to develop single leg strength for the split Jerk.

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