January 30, 2020 – Coastal30 – Strength

January 30, 2020 – Coastal30 – Strength

A. Coastal30 – Strength

For 4 rounds: (20 mins)
40secs ON
20secs OFF
(Accumulate as many reps as possible in 40secs on each station)

1. KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
2. Strict push up (@2010)
3. KB Goblet squat (@21X1)
4. DB Renegade Rows (no push up)
5. Anchored sit ups

* Adjust push up progressions accordingly (Knee Ab matt, knees, ab matt, feet, deficit, load, deficit + load)
* Feet anchored around single KB/under DBs for sit ups, add weight to chest to make more challenging.
* Adhere to tempo. Choose a load that allows you to continuously move for 40secs with minimal breaking!Scoring: Not Scored

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