The LIVE programme is for individuals who enjoy mixed modal fitness training, but do not have aspirations to be competitive in the sport of Crossfit.
The goal of the programme is to prepare people for the varying demands of life, by building structurally balanced, strong, and fit individuals.

The LIVE programme is a progressive training programme – Developing strength is seen as a major priority for this group: We achieve this through the prescription of Weightlifting (basic olympic lifting), Powerlifting, (squat, deadlift and pressing variations) and Functional Bodybuilding.

We also believe that having a strong aerobic base is important for the demands of daily life, so the programme aims to develop our cardiovascular fitness across a broad variety of time domains. We make use of monostructural training modalities like rowing, the air-bike, and running, but we also love the benefits that mixed modal conditioning (circuit style training) provides.

There are 5 sessions a week, and each training session can be performed within a 60 minute window.

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Are you looking to improve in all aspects of CrossFit?
Do you enjoy following a programme that is catered to your ability level?
Are you looking for a dynamic & structured training programme?


Are you looking to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit?
Are you seeking to test yourself in local and international competitions?
Do you want to be part of a community of talented athletes and coaches?


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.