May 19, 2019 – Functional Mobility

May 19, 2019 – Functional Mobility


Functional Mobility
Scapula & Shoulder

1. Move
1. Scapular PVC Rotation
2. Half Kneeling Shoulder Cars

2. Smash
1. Lacross Ball

3. Stretch
1. IR Side Lying with yoga block under head, hand on shoulder, elbow pushes forearm towards the floor

5. Move
1. Tall kneeling side bend with tennis ball in hand turn arm (humerus) in and out while squeezing tennis ball

6. Strengthen
1. Half kneeling half swimmer shoulder extension with tennis ball then hing forearm to lower back

1. Move
1. Half kneeling Shoulder CAR

2. Roll
1. Roll top pec

3. Stretch Stretch ER
1. ER strengthening two yoga blocks, elbow on low block, higher hand on higher block
1. Glutes engaged, pushing pec down,

4. Table Top
1. ER Rotations with Tennis ballScoring: Not Scored

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