May 3, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics

May 3, 2019 – Functional Gymnastics


3 x 12 rotator cuff strengthening exerciseScoring: Not Scored

B. Core

Alternating tabata (4 min) – hollow hold and superman hold.Scoring: Not Scored


EMOM 12: (Odd) 1-2 Rope Climb + (even) Amrap -2 strict ring/Pbar Dips dips (if you can do 10, make it harder, if you cant do 5, make it easier)Scoring: Not Scored

D. Muscle Up

Muscle Up
Negative muscle up work – 10 single reps, rest as needed to ensure every rep is slow and controlled. Start at the top of the rings and slowly lower down through a reverse muscle up. Focus: SLOW and CONTROLLED.Scoring: Not Scored

E. Accessory

4 rounds superset with 1 min rest between rounds: 15 skull crushers (empty barbell) + 20 banded pull-aparts (maintaining tension on the band, keeping shoulders down and traps relaxed).Scoring: Not Scored

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