The PERFORM programme is for people looking to improve in the sport of CrossFit, and are on their way to mastering all of the core movements within this sport.
The programme is highly structured and progressive, but it also places an emphasis on developing balanced fitness, without sacrificing health. Those following the PERFORM programme, are generally athletes that have adequate experience when it comes to the sport of CrossFit.

The PERFORM programme is a progressive training programme – Each training block has a specific set of objectives, which are communicated to our followers weekly. This programme is closely tied to the CrossFit calendar, and one of the objectives is to prepare our followers for the CrossFit Open every October. This programme exposes athletes to a variety of CrossFit style movements ex: kipping, inversions, olympic lifting, and intense energy system training.

There are 5 sessions a week, and optional accessory work provided. Sessions can be completed in 60-90 minutes.

Please click below to view the MINIMUM requirements you need in order to follow the performance programme safely and to get the most out of it.



Are you looking to improve your general fitness?
Do you enjoy functional strength training and conditioning?
Are you looking for a well-rounded and structured programme?


Are you looking to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit?
Are you seeking to test yourself in local and international competitions?
Do you want to be part of a community of talented athletes and coaches?


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.


Train. Track. Connect. Progress.