Team CFPT is a group of individuals who compete under the collective banner of Coastal Fitness Performance training. Whilst this competitive nature has it roots in CrossFit and the sport of mixed modal fitness it has developed into a group of athletes training for numerous sports at various levels. We look to highlight the hard earned achievements of our subsidized athletes in this section and celebrate the success that they have earned over the years.

  • 2014

    2014 saw Coastal Fitness and Team CFPT as the “new kids on the block” in the competitive fitness scene. A year after opening our first facility, our competitive team exploded onto the leaderboard qualifying 4th out of Asia to the CrossFit regional in Korea. Coupled with this, we also sent Coach Ant Haynes as an individual athlete as he qualified in 8th place, just behind some notable CrossFit games athletes. Fast forward to Seoul, and our athletes backed up their impressive displays of the open by having a great weekend of competition. Team CFPT only narrowly missing out on a podium position after a lapse of concentration in the final event, and with Ant Haynes cracking the top 10 in his first major individual competition.

  • 2015

    In 2015, the decision was made by CrossFit HQ to merge some regions together to create what was labelled “super-regions”. Our previous region, Asia, was merged with the Australian region to create the Pacific Regional. With this came a lowering of places available to Asian athletes and a huge increase in competition for tickets to the floor in Wollongong.

    Coach Ant Haynes took this in his stride and through his consistently impressive showings in the CrossFit Open, earned 3rd place in Asia and cemented his place as one of the 40 athletes down under. On the team side, the inclusion of teams from Russia in Asia meant that the work was cut out for Team CFPT, but collectively great scores, including a Team win in 15.2 meant that the crew finished in 4th and would accompany Ant down to the Pacific Regional against the Oceanic elite!

    The regional event was fiercely competitive and identified the gulf in ability between the Asian and Australian athletes. Despite this our Team CFPT members grit their teeth to put in some very positive performances with Ant finishing in 28th, coming very close to cracking the top 10 in event 4, and the team coming in 22nd, performing 2nd best out of the Asian qualifier.

  • 2016

    2016 was all change for Team CFPT with some members of the old guard having moved on or being unavailable. This brought with it the chance for new Athletes to stake their claim for a place in our team, with a view once again to qualifying for the Regional in Australia.

    Firstly, on the individual side, a new influx of athletes in to the Asian region meant that spaces were as hard to come by as ever. Step forward Coach Ant Haynes once more, and 2 time Team CFPT member Emily Crutchley who both put in a terrific 5 weeks to find themselves in 3rd place at the end of the CrossFit Open. On the team side, despite the huge shift in personnel, the group were a picture of consistency once more and found themselves qualifying in 4th place.

    Some time and distance later, Team CFPT had it’s biggest collection of athletes at a regional event to date, all raring to go on the competition floor. What followed was a difficult and frustrating few days for the majority of our athletes with the team struggling to get going and ending the weekend in a disappointing 26th. On the individual side, Emily also found frustration in the Snatch event leading to her eventual finish of 39th, however on the Men’s side, further built on his progress in previous year to propel himself to a 17th place finish after what can only be described as a HUGE day 3 of competition.

  • 2017
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Ant Haynes

DOB: 19 July 1989 | Training with CFPT: –
Occupation: Trainer at CFPT

  • Hong Kong National Rugby Team player 7’s and 15’s, 2008 – 2013
  • 7-time Hong Kong Rugby 7s IRB World Series (HKG Representative)
  • 2-time Rugby 7s World Cup (Dubai 2009, Moscow 2013)
  • 2-time Asian Games (Doha 2006, Guangzhou 2010)
  • East Asian Games (Hong Kong 2007)
  • National Games (Laioning, China 2013)
  • December 2013 – Sin City Invitational (1st place)
  • May 2014 – Manilla Throwdown 2014 – 1st Place
  • June 2014 – Downtown Throwdown 2 – 1st Place
  • August 2014 – X45 Challenge – 1st Place
  • August 2014 – Thailand Throwdown – 1st Place
  • October 2014 – Beast of the South East – 1st Place
  • November 2014 – Battle of the East – 5th Place
  • 8th CrossFit Open, Asia Region 2014
  • 10th Individual Men CrossFit Games Asia Regional 2014
  • 3rd CrossFit Open, Asia Region 2015
  • 28th Individual Men CrossFit Games Pacific Regional 2015
  • June 2015 – Asia Championships- 1st Place
  • 6th Dubai Fitness Championships 2015
  • 11th RX Division Wodapalooza 2016
  • 17th Individual Men CrossFit Games Pacific Regional 2016
  • 16th Individual Men CrossFit Games Pacific Regional 2017

After a career as a professional rugby player and being a integral part of the HK National team 7’s set up, Ant decided to take his talents to Competitive fitness with great success. After some initial impressive performances, Ant has developed his raw talent into becoming a finely tuned machine that has seen him fair incredibly well in competitions overseas against the worlds best.

Andy Bratsanos

DOB: 5 July 1984 | Training with CFPT: 2013
Occupation: Duty Free Sales Account Manager

  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Asia Regional Athlete 2014
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2015

Despite his diminutive size, Andy has always been a stalwart in the Hong Kong CrossFit scene since its birth, and was one of the driving forces to bring the sport of Fitness to CFPT.

Babs Mountain

DOB: 8 March 1983 | Training with CFPT: –
Occupation: Trainer at CFPT

  • 10th Place Asia Fitness Championships 2015
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Asia Regional Athlete 2014
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2015
  • East Asian Games HK Hockey Team Member 2005 & 2009
  • Asian games HK Hockey Team Member 2006

Following her over 10 year stint as a integral member of the Hong Kong National Hockey team, Babs shifted her focus to competing in and coaching CrossFit with great success. Through consistency and a undeniable engine, Babs has solidified her self as a face in the Asian CrossFit community.

Chris Folino

DOB: 03 Dec 74 | Training with CFPT: Since 2014
Occupation: Managing Director of a sourcing and collections company, Newvision Asia Ltd.

  • 9th overall Masters 1 Asia in 2015 Crossfit open
  • First place: 2015 HK Powerlifting Meet, Masters 1 82 kg division
  • Multiple Podium and 2 First place finishes in 2015 with Buzz Dragonboat Team

“Folino” joined CFPT initially as a CrossFit client with a view to improving his performance as a Dragon Boater. After seeking out the services of coach Ant Haynes for personal training to compliment the CrossFit group class, Chris saw some big improvements and decided to return to the world of competitive powerlifting. Chris is now chasing some Hong Kong records in the Powerlifting as well as more titles with “Team Buzz” in Dragon Boating.

“I am big believer in not reinventing the wheel and the use of mentors to move you up the learning curve quickly.”

Ed Haynes

DOB: 15 November 1987 | Training with CFPT: –
Occupation: Founder of CFPT

  • Mens Rugby Sevens National team member, 2008-2013
  • Asian Games Rugby Sevens 2010, Silver Medal Winner
  • Mens Rugby 15’s National Team member 2010-2013
  • CrossFit Open 2015, 29th place finish
  • Manila Throwdown 2014, 3rd place finish
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Asia Regional Athlete 2014, 4th place finish
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2015, 22nd place finish
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2016
  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2017, 19th place Finish

As a former professional Rugby Player and Hong Kong National Team member, Ed founded CFPT on his own and in recent years made a switch to competing in the sport of fitness. Despite multiple injuries from his playing days, Ed managed to be a contender in the individual CrossFit scene and also led Team CFPT to the CrossFit HQ regional in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Emily Cameron

DOB: 15 May 1987 | Training with CFPT: Since 2012
Occupation: Lawyer

  • Team CFPT Crossfit Games Asia Regionals May 2014
  • First place women’s RX Chiang Mai Throwdown August 2014
  • 17th place RX Women Asia Crossfit Open 2015
  • 1st place Women Asia Championships Central Sectional May 2015
  • Team CFPT Crossfit Games Pacific Regionals May 2015
  • Individual Women Crossfit Games Pacific Regionals May 2016
  • Team CFPT Crossfit Games Pacific Regionals May 2017

Emily became a part of CFPT when she moved to Hong Kong from New Zealand for work. Having history in long distance events and marathons, it was Emily’s first foray in structured Strength training via our CrossFit group classes. Fast forward a year down the line with a CrossFit Asia Regional appearance under her belt, Emily switched to the I Train program which saw her pick up numerous victories individually in Regional CrossFit competitions as well as another trip to the Pacific regional with Team CFPT. Watch for her to continue to excelling…

Rob Naylor

DOB: 7 Jan 1975 | Training with CFPT: Since 2015
Occupation: Project Manager

  • Aug 2015: TMBT Borneo Ultra Maratahon 53km: 15th Place

Rob Naylor is a former Hong Kong national Rugby team member having secured numerous caps during his time on the pitch. After his retirement from rugby Rob took to long distance running and in recent years has been achieving elite times in events across the region. Rob searched out CFPT to take his performances to the next level and under the watchful eye of Coach Ed Haynes worked to build sport specific strength and structural balance to aid in injury prevention.  

Stephanie Ng

DOB: 23 Nov 1996 | Training with CFPT: August 2013
Occupation: Student

  • Hong Kong Powerlifting Championships 2015 (March 21, 2015) – Under 52kg Junior Women – Overall (and for all individual lifts): 2nd

  • Asian Powerlifting Championships 2015 (July 22, 2015) – Under 52kg Junior Women – Squat: 3rd  – Bench: 2nd – Overall: 3rd

Steph came to CFPT as 16 year old aspiring runner who was looking to improve her times in shorter length events both on the track and in cross country running. Her training began with some structural balance work and then some strength work which brought her running times down significantly. However, what this style of training lead to was a passion for weight lifting and about 18 months into her training she found that her power lifting numbers qualified her for the Hong Kong national team. Steph continues to train with CFPT via the I Train program despite her move to the USA for university and is continuing to see progressive improvements.

Charles Cheung

DOB: 25 Nov 1989 | Training with CFPT: Since 2014
Occupation: Full-time Rugby Player

  • 10 Senior Caps for Hong Kong at Rugby (as at 2015)
  • National Games Silver Medalist in Rugby 7s 2013

Charles has been a first division for some time before cementing his spot in the HK Scottish first team and joining the club full time for the 2014/15 season.

Charles is also a member of the Hong Kong 7s & 15s squads where he has been capped at both. Charles works on an I Train basis with CFPT to fine tune his sports specific performance depending on which squad he is working with and the time of season.

Belinda Halcrow

DOB: 11 Jan 1969 | Training with CFPT: 2013
Occupation: School Teacher & Trainer at CFPT

  • 123rd Place CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier Worldwide 2015

  • 1st Place Crossfit Games Open Masters Asia 2015

  • 1st Place Masters Female Asia Championships 2015

  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Alternate Athlete 2015

  • 3rd Place RX Female Division DownTown Throwdown 2014

  • 3rd Place CrossFit Games Open Masters Asia 2014

Belinda began training with CFPT in 2013 and soon found herself looking towards the performance side of training. After initially doing CrossFit classes and Personal training sessions, in 2014 Belinda moved to the I Train program and fixed her gaze on competitions. With truly impressive strength numbers and equally impressive finishes in global and regional competitions, Belinda has her sights set on qualifying for the Masters divison at the CrossFit games.

Sophie Reid

DOB: 15 September 1989 | Training with CFPT:  Since 2013
Occupation: Trainer at CFPT

  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Asia Regional Athlete 2014

  • 14th CrossFit Open, Asia Region 2015

  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2015

  • Team CFPT CrossFit Games Pacific Regional Athlete 2016

After a widely successful career in Dance which continues, Sophie found a talent for the sport of Fitness and has impressed both as an individual athlete and as part of CrossFit CFPT’s teams at Regionals.

Andrew Russell

DOB: 21 November 1987 | Training with CFPT: 2015
Occupation: Professional Footballer South China Athletics Association Football Club

  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Cup Champion
  • Hong Kong League 11 representative
  • Lunar New Year Cup Champion
  • Hong Kong National Team Member

Andy began working with Ed Haynes in preparation for the upcoming 2015/2016 season in June 2015. His objective was to simply obtain a gym programme for the off season that would then lead in to lighter gym programmes which he could follow during the season to enhance performance. Through a thorough assessment when joining up with CFPT Andy showed two huge areas of concern in a lack of mobility/ flexibility and  diet. These small changes once identified helped Andy propel himself into the first team.

Additionally, from having more direction with his time in the gym, Andy has been able to put it to use on the field with his physicality and presence seeing him called up to the Hong Kong league XI.

Tom McQueen

DOB: 3 November 1989 | Training with CFPT:  –
Occupation: Trainer at CFPT

  • Hong Kong 7’s Rugby National Team Member

  • Hong Kong 15’s Rugby National Team Member

“T-Mac” has been a driving force in the success of the Hong Kong national Rugby teams in recent years with his undeniable strength and power. Known as Hong Kong’s “danger man” on the sevens circuit, his application to training puts him ahead of the rest.

Kenzo Pannell

DOB: 8 May 1984 | Training with CFPT: 2013
Occupation: Professional Rugby Player

  • 2014-Present: Hino Red Dolphins, Japan
  • 2013-2014: Kamaishi Seawaves, Japan
  • 2010-2013: Toyota Shokki Shuttles, Japan
  • 2006-2009: Hong Kong National Team (15 Caps, 115 Points)
  • Hong Kong Sevens (6 IRB World Sevens Series Tournaments, 1 RWC Sevens Tournament, 2006 Doha Asia Games)

Whenever he has a break in season from playing rugby in Japan, Kenzo looks to consult with Ed Haynes and the team at Coastal Fitness in regards to his strength and conditioning needs during the off-season to get him prepared for the up coming season. Since working with Ed and Coastal Fitness in 2013, Kenzo has continued to experience gains in his strength and conditioning which have helped him to prolong his rugby career. After suffering a broken arm in 2014, Coach Ed Haynes was able to work around the injury to ensure he did not lose strength and was able to return to full fitness sooner than expected and command the rugby pitch once more.

Ika Lo

DOB: 7th March 1988 | Training with CFPT:  2014
Occupation: Teacher

  • 2nd Women’s Asian Challenge, Bangkok, Thailand 2015- 3rd
  • 5th Women’s Indoor Asia Cup, Bangkok, Thailand 2015 – 4th
  • East Asian Games: 2013, 2009, 2005
  • Asia Cup: 2013, 2009
  • Asian Games: 2006

After sustaining an ACL injury through playing hockey, I’ve decided to find Babs to rehabilitate and strengthen up the muscles through personal training. Her knowledge and understanding of the game allowed me to return to full fitness quickly and be able to represent Hong Kong again. I am constantly challenged at CFPT and the training is making very positive impacts in hockey.

Shingo Moromasa

DOB: 26 December 1986 | Training with CFPT: 2016
Occupation: Trainer/Gymnastics Specialist at CFPT

  • Team CFPT Crossfit Games Pacific Regionals May 2017
  • 2016 Asia Championships – (1st Place)
  • 2016 Downtown Throwdown – (1st Place)
  • 2015 Crossfit Open Japan (1st place)
  • 2014 Crossfit Asia Regional (4th place)
  • 2013 Crossfit Asia Regional (11th place)
  • 2012 NLI California CrossFit (4th Place)
  • 2012 NLI Summer Season (1st Place)
  • 1999 Toukai District Gymnastic Convention (Vault, 3rd place)
  • 1996 – 1999 Gifu Prefecture Gymnastic & Rhythmic Tournament (1st place)

Shingo joined the coaching staff at CFPT in early 2016 with a goal to further his career as a trainer but also with aspirations to qualify for CrossFit Pacific Regional as an individual after years of success at the now disbanded Asia Regional. He saw the environment at CFPT and his fellow athletes at CFPT as the perfect atmosphere to push towards this goal. Shingo’s athletic career has already taken him from Gymnastic prodigy in Japan, to stuntman, to American Football player and finally to CrossFit. Along the way he has excelled at every challenge set in front of him, and we are excited to see what he will produce as a part of Team CFPT.

Jack Sealy

DOB: 4th May 1987 | Training with CFPT:  2014
Occupation: Professional Footballer

  • 2011-2012 Sun Hei (HK Premier League)
  • 2012-2015 South China AA HK Premier League)
  • 2016 – present Chanchun Yatai (Chinese Super League)
  • 2013 – present Hong Kong (15 caps to date)
  • 2011/12 Hong Kong Senior Shield Champion (Sun Hei)
  • 2011/12 & 2012/13 Guangdong Inter-port Cup Champion (Hong Kong)
  • 2012/13 Hong Kong Premier League Champion (South China AA)
  • 2013/14 Barclays Asia Trophy VS Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. (South China AA)
  • 2015 HKFA 50 Year Anniversary match VS Argentina (Hong Kong)
  • 2015/16 World Cup Qualifying Group stages (Hong Kong)

Jack first teamed up with CFPT and Coach Ed in 2014 looking for mainly a structural balance programme to help improve performance on the pitch, mixed a slightly general programme for muscle size and to gain that “beach body”. After working hard and seeing a lot of improvements, the focus of the programmes have changed, which has helped Jack excel for club and country. Recent performances in the World Cup Qualifying games saw Jack make a move north of the boarder to China, where he is following the guidance of Coach Ed and is working hard on and off the pitch to battle the high demands of the China Super League.

Sun Phat

DOB: 21 October 1993 | Training with CFPT: 2016
Occupation: Professional Squash Player

  • 2013 Thai National Champion
  • Thai National Team (2015 – present)
  • 28th South East Asian Games 2015 in Singapore
  • SEA Cup 2015, 2016

Sun came to CFPT looking to gain guidance with his training as he aimed to join the professional circuit off the back of some impressive results and inclusion in the Thai national team. This saw him team up with Coach Ed Haynes who looked to structurally balance Sun to keep him healthy and on the court, followed by work on his power and ability to cover the hardwood. As 2017 looms and the professional circuit loom, we are excited to see him undoubtedly climb the ranks.

Ali Reece

DOB: 8th December 1990 | Training with CFPT:  2015
Occupation: Project Manager

  • 2016 CrossFit HQ Pacific Regional – Team CFPT Team Member
  • 2017 CrossFit HQ Pacific Regional – Team CFPT Team Member

Ali first joined CFPT as a member at the tail end of 2015, and although new to the CrossFit scene, quickly showed himself to have a great affinity towards the sport. He was not long after transferred to an I Train program where he worked on some of his skills and energy systems before a solid showing in the CrossFit Open. Following this he worked hard for a spot in our 6 man CrossFit team and has been ever present since.

Steph Vocong

DOB: 22nd October 1982 | Training with CFPT: 2015
Occupation: Architect

  • 2016 CrossFit HQ Pacific Regional Team CFPT Team Member
  • 2017 CrossFit HQ Pacific Regional Team CFPT Team Member

Steph had been around the CrossFit scene in Hong Kong for quiet some time and made the switch to CFPT in 2015 with the hopes of becoming more competitive in the regional landscape. This is exactly what happened, as Steph devoted herself to training hard and made some waves with some solid performances in the Open and in Competition. This lead to her inclusion in the 2016 Team CFPT CrossFit team.