I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing in Hong Kong and have regularly attended CrossFit sessions at CFPT for the last two years. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is of upmost importance and I get to challenge myself every day. CFPT is different as the programming allows me to just walk in and participate in class with other great athletes around me. I am eternally grateful for all the coaches’ patience, guidance, and faith in me to achieve what I thought would be impossible – I thank them for consistently proving me wrong.

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The coaches and community at Coastal Fitness have helped me realise that I can be strong and fit, and motivate me to continue improving every day – while still somehow having fun while exercising.
Each coach has a different style, but their goals are the same: to give their clients the best experience and help them get the most out of each session. Even in a group-class setting the coaches remember every participant’s personal goals, weaknesses and strengths and are able to incorporate that into every workout with a personal touch that you can’t find anywhere else.
When I became a personal training client, my trainer went above and beyond to help guide me and ensure I could meet my goals. The passion the coaching team has and their dedication to clients is unparalleled and is part of what makes Coastal Fitness the supportive and encouraging community we all love.
As a reporter for South China Morning Post’s youth section, my work hours can be both long and unpredictable. But with the variety of times and classes on offer at Coastal Fitness, I can always get my workout in, whether it be in Crossfit classes, Personal Training sessions, Modified Strongman, or Sunday Yoga. And even if I miss a few sessions, I know the community and friends I have made there will be sure to welcome me back and cheer me on through that day’s workout.

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I’m a small business owner (and family man) who travels a bit with work so the i-train program now suits my schedule which sometimes needs to be flexible. I’ve been through most of CFPTs service offering, starting with SMAC and have worked my way up to be a semi-competitive regional (masters) CrossFit athlete doing a current mix of i-train and personal training sessions. What I feel works at CFPT is the passion and commitment from top to bottom. It is contagious and just works, leading to a life changing experience for me.  Period.

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I have been personally trained by Ed Haynes for more than 3 years. I have three sessions a week, two with him and one on my own with a tailored program from him. In addition to CFPT, I am also a regular squash player and a skier. I am the CFO of the SCMP Group. CFPT has very professional trainers. They are very knowledgeable not only on all aspects of training skills but also give sound dietary and health advice. The trainers are demanding for good reasons. It is also a local gym and a community. People are friendly and get to know each other really well. It is not a chain operation!

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The Proof is in results and I can tell you with 100% confidence that I’m in better shape now that when I was in my early & mid 20s and I was training every day back then. In life it’s all about substance and Coastal provides this in every facet of their work, every coach is knowledgeable on exercise, fitness, diet and better living. If you are tired of the same routine and have plateau’d with your training I can think of no better place. These guys give everything to the gym and it shows! I use a combination of Crossfit Classes, Itrain & PT sessions. I work in front of a computer from 7am to 6pm in a stressful Financial job. CFPT all comes down to the coaches and staff. I’ve been doing Crossfit for more than 4 years and have visited different boxes throughout the US, Aus & London and I haven’t met a more knowledgeable staff from top to bottom. Not only are they more knowledgeable they’re extremely welcoming and the program and thinking is well thought out and get results without injury. They just don’t post a Hero WOD and turn on the clock.

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CFPT is definitely the place to train if you’re getting bored of your gym routine and looking to improve your strength and fitness. I joined about 2.5 years ago and have been really happy with my improvements. I live and work closer to a number of other crossfit gyms but I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!
I have an unlimited membership so I normally do 4 morning classes during the week and 1 personal training session with Andy Bratsanos where we mainly work on technique. I also consult Ed Haynes about nutrition from time to time, which has been really helpful in knowing what to eat, what not to eat and what vitamins to take.
I work as a corporate lawyer so that sometimes involves uncertain finish times so I like to train in the morning to make sure I get it done…plus it helps me wake up in the morning!
I know it’s a bit cliched but the thing I love most about CFPT is the sense of community. It kind of feels like being in a sports team – everyone is very supportive of each other but there’s also a bit of friendly competition. I’ve made a lot of good friends through CFPT  which definitely makes training a lot more fun.
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