The Best Diet For Me?

The Best Diet For Me?

So How does one figure out which diet is best?

Low-Fat, High Carb, Paleo, Veganism, etc. The list goes ON and ON and ON. What is the best diet out there? it is easy to get lost in translation. There is so much information out there. In many cases, most of that information is contradicting. In this article I want to take a step back and focus on 4 key principles that matter when it comes to finding out the best “diet”. 


Principle #1: The Diet that works best, is the diet that you’ll follow

Many years ago, I read a book about training and programming principles for hypertrophy (muscle building). The first chapter stayed with me ever since. The best training program is the one you’ll actually do. You can know all the information and recite all the latest research. You can try to build the best program based upon that research. If you don’t actually do the program, it is not effective.

The same goes for nutrition. You know what you need to do, but you tend to overcomplicate things too much. Before you start weighing your food and calculating the best macro split, figure out what you do currently and make small tweaks as you go.

Principle #2 :It is about addressing the lowest hanging fruits 

Keep a journal of everything you’re eating for 3-5 days. Keep track of what you eat , when you eat it and how much you’re eating of it.  This workweek snapshot gives you insight into what needs immediate attention.

It could be as simple as changing your lunch by adding more protein and vegetables and sticking to that until you become consistent at it. Address what is most obvious and will make the most changes.  Stick with it until you develop consistency and REPEAT.

Principle #3: It is about changing your habits, one at a time. 

When an action becomes a habit, we have it for life. Habits are actions we take automatically. They require little to no will power or thought.  We have done them, so many times that they have become ingrained in us.

This is why crash diets and detoxes can only bring about short term change. These diets works for a period of time, until you fall back into your old eating patterns and behaviours. Aim to change the root of the cause- your habits around food.  

Principle #4: It is about understanding the basics of the human body 

Many of the diets out there focus on one aspect of human metabolism. They zoom in on that aspect, market it into a product and magically create a “New Diet”.  

When we understand the basics of human metabolism, i.e. how our body processes foods, converts those foods into energy etc. We become better equipped at filtering out the what works and what won’t.